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Inflexion Analytics is one of the top data science consulting companies in London and a founding member of the Data Science Foundation. As a multidisciplinary team of data science consultants, we focus on delivering practical business value with data science skills. Sensible application of data science tools need not be complicated. Straight forward data science projects can unlock the value in your data sets and deliver high ROI multiples.

The key advantage of working with Inflexion Analytics is our commercially focused data science approach. Our depth of business experience combined with our wide range of technical skills and domain knowledge allow us to help you focus on applying data science to the most important commercial opportunities.

We co-create solutions with you. Our models and projects are the product of working closely with your team’s subject matter experts, tailoring them closely to your business needs. We work closely with your internal technical and business teams to understand what will be most valuable to your business. We review and understand your data and we match the goals and the possibilities to understand what would make the greatest impact and deliver the best ROI.

    Data Science Consultancy

    Effective data science projects require a wide range of skills and experience and therefore a team approach is optimal. Finding a data science consulting team can help you unlock the value of data science without the high cost and risks associated with hiring a data scientist or single contractor. Our team of data science consultants brings the range of complementary data skills and industry experience required for a successful project. We have specialists in data engineering and data management, business process experts and data science experts all working together to deliver your project. We always take a business-value based approach to data science projects. We can help you to:

    Data Science For Business

    Data science for business requires business experience to be applied correctly. Data science is sometimes academic and impractical and so many businesses don’t see data science as something relevant to them. This has led firms to miss opportunities to deliver high value outcomes and solve high priority problems by applying proven data science techniques. In many cases, the data is available, but it is not delivering the value it should.

    We’ve helped firms to deliver practical and high value projects such as prioritising their sales teams’ activities, predicting the value of potential customers and predicting customer loyalty and behavior by applying machine learning and other data science techniques.

    If you are interested in understanding how to apply data science could help you make an impact in business, Inflexion Analytics is the data science consulting firm for you.

    Getting Data Science Right: Communicating Data Science

    We aim to deliver practical and cost-effective data science assignments. But success is more than applying the right techniques to the right data. Getting data science right is about building a shared understanding of the project, model and outputs across all the project stakeholders, whether technical or not. A data science project is only successful if it is communicated well and bought into by stakeholders at all levels.

    We specialize in working with your company’s stakeholders at all levels to help everyone buy into your project’s design and outputs. We help non-technical users understand models in simple terms and ensure that your project reflects a team consensus. Only with this consensus, will the outputs of your project be adopted and used in a way that generates value.

    What is Data Science?

    Data science is the application of statistical, machine learning and AI techniques and tools to data. Data science techniques apply the same decision and relationship-based logic that humans apply every day, just across larger data sets that only a machine can handle. Data science techniques make it possible to unearth relationships and patterns that are hidden in the data. Uncovering these patterns and relationships can have significant business value and help to inform decision making routinely, something that was previously either expensive or impractical.

    Data Science Skills and Tools

    We draw on a range of data science skills and data science tools. Our data science consultants are able to select from a broad mix of technology skills to ensure we use the most appropriate tool to solve the problem. We work with programming languages such as Python and statistical packages such as R to deliver customized data science models. We also help clients to understand the results intuitively by capturing the outputs of these models in visual analytics tools such as Power BI and Tableau, thus making the modelling outputs accessible and actionable.

    We apply data engineering tools to messy data, unclean data, and unmatched data, acquired from both internal external data sources. Our expertise in data management, integration and cleansing means we can transform inaccessible and indifferent data sets into valuable data assets. We often use our experience of working with publicly available data sets to augment clients’ internal data and improve the robustness of our clients’ models.

    If you are looking for a data science consulting team focused on delivering business value, Inflexion Analytics are the right data science consultants in London to help.


    What is data science?

    Data Science is a multi-disciplinary field that brings data analysis concepts and statistics together with methods from computer science, such as data management and machine learning, in order to understand and extract insights from the ever-increasing amounts of data generated by modern computer applications and internet usage. Data volumes have increased with the universal adoption of mobile technology and the explosion in the number and usage of mobile applications. Data science teams are often made up of people with a complementary business and technical skills in order to manage the increasing scale and complexity of the task. Data scientists will often have the ability both to contribute a specialism and to play a role in integrating multiple specialities into a solution.

    What are the factors to consider when choosing a data science consultant?

    A good data science consultant will have empathy for and an understanding of the culture of the people who must use the results of their work and concern for those that are likely to be affected by it. Without these characteristics, the results are likely to be useless, no matter how well built, useful or accurate the data science consultant’s work might be. After that, it is a combination of analytical and technical skills, curiosity, rigorous thought, business experience, a continual questioning of the status quo and imagination. If you are looking for data science consultants in London, Inflexion Analytics can provide a team approach, pulling together all the required skills and experience to help you succeed.

    How do data science consulting companies deliver/communicate the results of analytics to Enterprise customers?

    The best way of ensuring that results are communicated effectively is to ensure that users within the client have been involved by the data science consultants in co-creating the solution. In this process, visual analytics will have been used at each stage to make the data being used, and the patterns revealed by the analysis intuitively understandable to people who may not be used to quantitative techniques. The process of co-creation is only possible if jargon is avoided and concepts are explained in common-sense terms, so co-creation is a good discipline for a data science consultant.

    What are the data science services you perform?

    As data science consultants in London, we specialise in data science for business. We apply data science to business problems in a range of commercial settings. It helps that we have years of experience working with pragmatic business managers in these settings. We aim to deliver data science outcomes that are useable, valuable and have an impact on a team’s behaviour and performance. If you are looking for a data science consultancy in London, Inflexion Analytics is the right team to help.

    What kind of industries can benefit from data science consulting?

    Since all activities now generate digital data, all industries can apply some data science. Data science for business does not have to be highly complex to generate value. Even smaller projects using simple algorithms can bring meaningful commercial benefits. These benefits are realised when data science consultants that understand how to apply data science to improving business operations, for example, by reducing waste and adding value, use available data in sensible and effective ways.

    What practical benefits can my business gain from data science?

    Top data science consultants and a top data science consultancy will be able to understand what is important to your business and identify how data science can deliver practical benefits. It’s a combination of understanding the most important challenges that are facing business and then using experience to understand how the data available can be used, either alone or in combination with external data sources, to drive useful change in those areas. This is why broad experience, and understanding the broader business context is essential to being a top data science consultancy. The technical skills are required, but so much more than that is required to deliver excellence in data science consulting. As data science consultants in London, Inflexion Analytics help firms in the UK and the US to understand what these practical benefits might be.

    What are the future trends in data science?
    The future trends in data science are making statistical and mathematical tools more accessible to business people who may not have a strong quantitative background. Artificial intelligence will be harnessed to do this in its assistive role. Data science and AI will become everyday tools deployed by practical managers. This will be powered not by a greater number of technical skills as a core competence, but by a greater domain understanding by non-technical stakeholders across a range of other business functions.
    What is the relationship between data science and dataops?

    Nowadays complex data science problems are best attacked by a team and data ops is one of the specialist skills within a data science team.

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