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To create meaningful impact and value, we offer expertise in all aspects of your analytics journey – from business and data strategy to data engineering, data science, visual analytics and insights.

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Data Strategy

I am interested in a roadmap that maximises the value of my data

Data Analytics Companies

Data Warehousing, Engineering and Management

I want to combine, clean, organise and store my data so that it is useful

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Data Science

I want to apply data science to my business challenges

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Visual Analytics

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"Inflexion Analytics provide excellent service. They make it easy to select a design that shows data in a clear and comprehensible manner. I found them responsive, making it easy to manage project timelines and budgets."
Dr. Gabrielle Ostrognay, Managing Director
GOPP Pty. Ltd.
"We have been impressed with your quality of service and are getting much more than we even realised was possible out of the data"
Joe Bailey, Sales and Marketing Manager
LINC Medical
"Great job!. An industry-leading solution"
Vice President
Sales Benchmark Index


Our consultants apply their skills, in both business consulting and technology, in a variety of sectors. We work closely with our clients’ subject matter experts and business users to share and learn from each other’s perspectives. We collaborate to deliver data analytics and insights that build value for each client and their unique situation. Much of our consultants’ experience has been gained from working with visionary people in Fortune 500 companies who pushed the boundaries of what was possible with analytics.


With brand health a central concern, data and insights need to be shared with supporting and mutually reinforcing activities; marketing, sales, finance, procurement and supply chain.

We’ve helped clients by combining data from disparate sources into shared analytics at scale in order to support brands and cross-functional objectives such as cost reduction, innovation, sustainability and channel development.

icon Pharmaceuticals

A driver of success for an innovative medicine is accelerating its global adoption through effective promotion and sales in a data-rich but regulated environment.

Working with commercial specialists we have applied analytics and data science techniques to sales analytics, sales force effectiveness, prescribing analytics, drug pricing, parallel trade, targeting, therapy change modelling, and product-market analysis.

icon Banking

As well as addressing regulatory challenges, banks are pursuing improved returns through digitization and cost reduction and improving the alignment of multiple services with customers.

We've helped provide analytics that support the sharing of customer intelligence across product and service teams to create better customer understanding, better targeting, stronger customer relationships and higher profitability.

icon FinTech

Fintech firms are innovating in the use of data and technology to reduce costs and better target customers – including matching data on customer interests with data on customer spending.

We help Fintech firms build their platforms for data and analytics increasing their ability to use advanced analytics for key success factors like customer intelligence and risk modelling.

icon Insurance

Insurance is evolving its decision-making culture to include the greater use of analytics. For example, the use of open data and open predictive models on climate change to estimate economic impact and support underwriting decisions.

We are using visual analytics to help to integrate quantitative modelling and AI into the decision-making processes. The visualisations surface model insights to the people with the experience and judgement to price risk.

icon Retail

E-commerce is presenting a significant challenge to retail locations. Stakeholders are collaborating to innovate and add-value to the retail experience creating distinctive and attractive locality identities around local strengths.

We have used analytics to optimise customer loyalty schemes, understand suppliers and work with partners in tracking customer traffic flows to create a shared understanding of the way different customer demographics are responding to innovations in services, events and attractions.

icon Healthcare

Growth in healthcare spending, increased digitization, government provision of open data and government pressure to increase transparency are further expanding the scope for analytics in healthcare.

We are helping clients to use open data and to integrate it with data from brokers, insurers and providers to compete effectively; reduce costs, target opportunities and optimise contracting relationships.

icon Manufacturing

Manufacturing processes equipped with sensors and visual recognition systems generate large volumes of process control data which must be surfaced to automated systems or process operators.

We use data management skills to exploit real-time data and visualisation tools to provide accessible and understandable monitoring and alerting outputs to staff.

icon Construction

A challenge for top management in construction is the monitoring and management of profitability and risks for large portfolios of complex projects, all at different stages of completion.

We have helped a client combine the data needed to monitor progress, predict profitability and quantify risk exposure, presenting a top view of the portfolio with drill downs into project detail.

icon Transport & Logistics

The sector is becoming increasingly data-rich with open data from governmental bodies and data from sensors and tracking devices creating potential for more analytics.

We have used open data to build predictive models of logistics activity by location and to optimise the use of storage and transport assets.

icon Media & Publishing

Media firms are analysing the data generated by user interaction with on-line media content and using the insights to support their evolution of sustainable business models and market positions.

We are using data and analytics to monitor user engagement with content, analyse subscriber behaviour and target prospects in order to maximise subscription revenues and renewals.

icon Digital Marketing

Analytics are widely used but there is great potential for both agencies and brands to reduce costs and improve information quality by automating manual processes and upgrading technology.

We have helped to automate the integration of data from multiple media channels to reduce time and costs, and to provide more sophisticated analysis for regular client campaign effectiveness reporting

icon Investment & Asset Management

Firms are using data and technologies to constrain operational costs, innovate in client services, identify opportunities and inform investment strategy with metrics - including validated ESG metrics.

We have supported the provision of information as a service to clients with automated processes that cut costs and improve personalisation of reporting. We also help to validate metrics for investment strategies.

icon Law Firms

Law firms are under competitive pressure from alternative legal service providers and need to respond in order to hedge the risks of disruption to their business model.

We have worked on the use of client and matter analytics to develop new and competitive firm-wide policies in client targeting, resourcing and pricing.

icon Wholesaling

Wholesalers have benefitted from extensive automation and digitisation and are using analytics to strengthen bonds with customers and sell added value services to suppliers.

We have worked with wholesale to reduce the costs of managing data they generate with efficient data warehouse design and to extract maximum commercial value from this data asset.

icon Telecomms

Telecoms uses analytics to manage the risks created by scale and complexity. Some of the market complexity is created by the large numbers of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) servicing consumer segments.

We worked on the earliest and largest deployment of in-memory analytics in telecoms and on modelling the global MVNO market for networks and tech firms, assembling data from multiple sources.

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